Get to Know Your Doctors at Clifton & Mauney

At Clifton & Mauney we provide comprehensive services under one roof. Whether your child (or you) needs orthodontic care—using braces or Invisalign—or your family needs specialized pediatric care, we have it all.

Dr. Nash

Pediatric dentist Dr. Thurston Nash is an NC native who became a dentist to build relationships with patients and to help them take ownership of their smiles. 

Dr. Nash says he chose to specialize in kids because they are cool and he loves to see them grow-up!

Dr. Clifton

Our orthodontist Dr. Lenise Clifton opened this practice with a small staff in 1997. A lot has changed since then but she’s just as passionate about helping patients smile!

Dr. Clifton is also a pediatric dentist and can therefor provide a unique level of ortho care to young folks.

Dr. Chuck

Pediatric dentist Dr. Chuck Mauney joined this practice a few years after it was established by his wife, Dr. Clifton, in 1997. 

Most people who meet Dr. Chuck say he’s the smartest person they know. It sometimes seems like he has encyclopedic knowledge