Fluoride Treatment

As parents, you want to protect your children. There are few things as preventable as cavities because fluoride treatment is widely available, and it does a terrific job protecting your children’s teeth from decay. If you are seeking dental health treatment in North Carolina, Clifton & Mauney Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry is a dual practice that offers a full spectrum of dental services for kids, from first check-ups through orthodontics and any preventive care available. 

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a child receives fluoride treatment at the pediatric dentist

What Is Fluoride Treatment for Kids? 

When you take your child to the dentist for a fluoride treatment, the goal is to get the fluoride directly onto the teeth. This topical application is ideal during childhood: 

  • When the teeth are still developing 
  • If your child is at higher risk of developing cavities 

The dentist or hygienist applies a fluoride varnish, gel, or foam to the surfaces of each tooth, being careful to get coverage where bacteria can form and lead to decay, for example, in deep grooves on the surface of molars and in any gaps between teeth. 

Why Do Children Need Fluoride Treatment? 

Tooth enamel is made of calcium, phosphorus, fluoride, and other minerals. If your child’s teeth don’t have enough fluoride or if they consume sugary foods, bacteria gather on the tooth to go after any food particles and sugars left in the mouth. This bacteria leads to plaque buildup, which causes acids to form. The acid eats at the enamel and, over time, results in cavities

The presence of fluoride in the mouth prevents the bacteria buildup that starts the ball rolling toward decay, cavities, and the need for fillings. The best approach for many children is to provide fluoride treatments and keep up with regular cleanings. 

a child receives fluoride treatment at the pediatric dentist
a child receives fluoride treatment at the pediatric dentist

The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments 

Fluoride treatment for kids is a cavity prevention approach that many pediatric dentists recommend. The children most at risk of tooth decay are those who don’t or cannot brush twice a day or who do not have access to nutritious, low-sugar foods. However, any child can benefit from fluoride treatments. 

Fluoride treatments: 

Before a child is old enough to receive fluoride treatments at the dentist, there are fluoride drops that can be given to very young babies and toddlers.   

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