Pediatric Dental X-rays in Chapel Hill, NC

At Clifton & Mauney Orthodontics & Pediatric Dentistry, our top priority is providing your family with the best pediatric dental care in Chapel Hill by using the most advanced diagnostic tools on the market. During your child’s consultation appointment, Dr. Chuck or Dr. Nash may recommend an X-ray.

Let’s take a closer look at why pediatric dentist recommend X-rays and how they can help your child’s long-term oral health.

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What are Pediatric Dental X-rays?

Dental X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to create an image of your child’s teeth, gums, and jaw bones. X-rays allow us to see problems we may not find in a physical oral exam.

Spotting and treating problems early can help prevent severe conditions from developing and save you money on treatment.

We want you to have all the information you need for your child’s dental health. Check out our FAQ page to learn more!

When to Get Pediatric Dental Radiographs

We’ll do an X-ray for your child during their first clinical exam so we have a complete picture of their dental condition. If your child has issues that need to be addressed, we may take additional X-rays during future visits to help assess the treatment progress.

Some cases where we may recommend taking X-rays include:

  • To make sure there is enough room for incoming permanent teeth
  • To assess how quickly your child is losing their primary teeth
  • To understand your child’s oral growth patterns
  • To check for impacted teeth and the development of wisdom teeth
  • To discover signs of infection or tooth decay

Dr. Chuck and Dr. Nash have provided pediatric dental care for many children in Chapel Hill and across the Research Triangle. We can’t wait to meet your child and introduce them to our wonderful team!

orthodontist dr. chuck posing for a picture while wearing glasses and brown sweater

Types of Pediatric X-rays

There are various types of pediatric dental X-rays we can use depending on the image we need, including:

zoomed in xray of a tooth with crown root canal treatment


Periapical X-rays show one or two specific teeth from the crown to the root.

A young child sits in an xray room, in the midst of getting a classic x-ray with bitewings at the pediatric dentist. He's also, impressively, smiling at the photographer behind this photo.


Bitewing X-rays provide images of the teeth from the crowns to the supporting bone. Bitewing X-rays show cavities between the teeth and changes in the bone caused by gum disease.

the x ray images of an orthodontic patients mouth


Occlusal X-rays are used to screen for pathology in young children.

a little boy holding an ipad with dental x rays in front of his face


Panoramic X-rays show all your child’s teeth in one image. Panoramic X-rays also help us see emerging teeth, impacted teeth, and other growths in the mouth.

the x ray machine used by the dentists at clifton and mauney

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography

Cone Beam Computerized Tomography is an advanced technology that provides a 3D image of your child’s mouth.

a side view x ray image of a patient's mouth


Cephalometric X-rays provide an image of one side of your child’s head, allowing the dentist to see the jaw and facial bones. This image helps diagnose potential orthodontic issues.

Our team will discuss our exam process step-by-step with you and your child during your first visit. Trust us to give your child the best care possible.

Pediatric X-ray Safety

X-ray technology has greatly advanced, making it safer than ever to use in a medical setting. Our X-ray machines use limited radiation for a very short time to create the diagnostic image. We provide full-body aprons to help protect all our patients.

We take your child’s safety extremely seriously, which is why we comply with federal laws that require safety and accuracy checks for our X-ray equipment.

Ensure Your Child’s Dental Health with Pediatric Dental Radiographs in Chapel Hill

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