Children & Special Needs

Clifton & Mauney have made our patient’s comfort and happiness our first priority for every appointment. We understand that the needs of every patient, especially children, can vary widely. This especially includes patients with special needs: those who may be more sensitive to touch, those who may need a parent or other adult to be near them during a procedure, or those who live with disabilities. Because of the more focused care required for treating special needs patients, the specialists at Clifton & Mauney make every step possible to take care of each patient’s smile as if it were their own.

One of the primary reasons families choose our practice and take the time to say thank you is because of the care and consideration our doctors and team take when treating patients with special needs. Visit our testimonials page to read what our patients have to say about our service, and watch our videos to see the emphasis we put on patient comfort. Our work with special needs patients is particularly highlighted in our video recap of our work with Mik, a patient who finally found compassionate and comfortable orthodontic treatment with Clifton & Mauney. View the video below to learn more about his journey!

A Comfortable Environment for All Patients

Our mission is to deliver the highest standards of dental and orthodontic care to our patients in a caring, nurturing, and respectful environment. Clifton & Mauney puts an emphasis on open and clear communication with all our patients and their families, in order to build a strong and trusting relationship between patient and doctor. In order to make our younger and special needs patients feel comfortable, we provide amenities such as stuffed animals, a photo booth where patients can show off their new smile, weighted blankets, and a fluffy canine companion to keep you company during your visit! Our engagement with our patients, particularly children, is reinforced by what we like to call our Be “Attitudes”:

These principles guide each and every one of our doctors and employees. By holding ourselves to these Be “Attitudes”, we create the perfect environment for all our patients to feel comfortable, secure, and cared for.

two young boys smiling down at the camera

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Our mission is to help every patient achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. We believe that open, honest communication is vital to successful treatment, and we only recommend treatments that we’d feel comfortable recommending for our own families. Feel free to call us at 888.339.8108 to learn more about our services or, if you’d like to come in for a consultation, simply request an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to help you achieve and maintain your dream smile for life!