Even though you limit sticky sweets and make sure your children brush their teeth twice a day, cavities can still happen. Approximately three-quarters of school-age children get at least one cavity. A trip to your pediatric dentist for a safe, friendly visit can take care of your child’s cavities with minimal stress, anxiety, and discomfort. Choosing a pediatric dentist like Clifton & Mauney ensures that your child’s dental fillings are taken care of in an age-appropriate way by compassionate professionals who understand kids and their teeth. Not only do we provide dental procedures and orthodontic treatments, but we are also devoted to the health and well-being of your child’s mouth and teeth throughout their formative years. 

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What Are Dental Fillings? 

Dental fillings are used to treat cavities—small holes—in the tooth that have resulted from decay. Decay is the result of certain types of bacteria that interact with sugars and starches from food and drink. The interaction results in a kind of acid that attacks the tooth and eats away at the minerals in its hard surface and also deeper down for larger cavities. 

Promptly seeking dental care to mend cavities with teeth fillings is important for multiple reasons: 

At Clifton & Mauney, we use tooth-colored composite for our fillings. Also used in dental bonding, this composite can be matched to the tooth. No one will ever realize dental work was done. 

Why Use Composite for Teeth Fillings? 

The tooth-colored composite is usually the best option for filling cavities, though it might not be in some cases. If it is not, your dentist will discuss options with you. At Clifton & Mauney, we like using composite because:

The steps for placing a composite filling are: 

Depending on the size, more than one cavity can be filled in a single appointment, though a lot depends on the child’s age and ability to sit for multiple tooth fillings. If there are multiple cavities, we always discuss these matters with the parents before scheduling. 

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