Sugar the Therapy Dog

Chapel Hill’s Dental and Orthodontic Canine Companion!

If you’d like to have Sugar present during your next appointment, simply call 919-933-1007 or include a note in our appointment request form that you’d like a visit from Sugar!

Have you ever had your orthodontist or dentist tell you that sugar is good for you? Here at Clifton and Mauney, we have a special type of Sugar that we share with all our patients, and it isn’t the kind that will rot your teeth. Meet our therapy dog, Sugar! In our effort to make our Chapel Hill office the most comfortable and welcoming place for your orthodontic and dental visits, we have enlisted the help of our little canine friend. Sugar is in our office at least one day a week to assist our doctors in the care of our pediatric and special needs patients, or any patient that may be experiencing anxiety or worry about their visit. We have found that patients have responded extremely well to having Sugar around them during their visit; they find themselves more at ease and comfortable when there’s a happy furry friend to keep them company!

Sugar attends an outdoor team meeting but has a hard time paying attention
Sugar with a happy patient and hygienist, Lisa

Schedule Your Appointment With Sugar & Your Chapel Hill Orthodontist!

Our mission is to help every patient achieve a beautiful, healthy smile, while remaining a safe and comfortable place for all our patients, young and old. With the help of Sugar the Therapy Dog, we strive to make every orthodontic or dental visit pleasant and worry-free! Feel free to call us at 919-933-1007 to learn more about our services or, if you’d like to come in for a consultation, simply request an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you, and we’re excited to help you achieve and maintain your dream smile for life, with a little help from Sugar!