3 Tips For Establishing A Family Brushing Routine

A toddler with an owl shirt is smiling and looking up.

The best way to teach your kids healthy brushing habits is through the power of routine! Research suggests that it only takes three weeks to establish a routine; after the third week, it feels natural to perform your new habit. If you want to help your child build lifelong oral health habits, here are three tips to creating a positive brushing routine that lasts.

Prioritize Family Meal Time

The best way to get kids into a new routine is to build on one that is already established, like meal time. It’s an easy next step, since families usually share a meal together for breakfast and dinner. Start to follow your meal-time routine with brushing. Children are highly impressionable, so if you head to the bathroom together right after meal-time, they can watch you brush and floss and then mirror your behavior.


Another way to encourage a healthy brushing routine is even easier: SMILE!

Smiles go a long way in terms of encouragement, but even further when it comes to getting your child excited about something. Frame the routine as a positive experience rather than a chore to get your child excited about brushing and flossing.

Add Something Unique To Your Family Oral Hygiene Routine

One final way to make a new brushing routine really stick is by adding something special to the routine. The Department of Health, for example, has a list of toothbrushing songs you could sing. Singing can be goofy and fun, and makes brushing and flossing a little more special.

Some families use a little brush and floss chart. Some kids crave more structure and cataloguing their responsibilities can improve their chances of sticking to a new routine. Make sure you keep things fun by rewarding successful weeks with something your child loves.

As long as it is easy to implement and fun to maintain, your child is sure to stick with their new brushing routine. Happy brushing!

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