Is Orthodontic Treatment Necessary?

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When you invest in orthodontic treatment, you aren’t just investing in the appearance of your smile. The truth is, an aligned smile can also boost your confidence and build a foundation for a lifelong healthy smile! 

However, many prospective patients are unsure if they are the right candidates for orthodontic treatment. They may be concerned about whether the investment in orthodontic care is truly worth it. We often hear questions from new patients such as, is orthodontic treatment necessary?

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Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment

At Clifton & Mauney, we’ve seen how an aligned smile can change your life! Many people don’t know that orthodontic treatment has lots of benefits to your health, confidence, and general well-being. Here is a few common reasons why you should get orthodontic treatment:

Dental Health/Oral Hygiene

Overbites, underbites, crowding, and other conditions create more nooks and crannies in your teeth that attract food particles. Even with good dental hygiene, this can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Orthodontic treatment helps you avoid these problems and creates a better foundation for lifelong dental health!

Crowding and Crooked Teeth

Crowded and crooked teeth are very common misalignments that can be fixed with orthodontic treatment. This occurs when the teeth overlap, rotate, or grow in the wrong position. This makes dental hygiene more difficult and you may feel more self-conscious about your smile.

Thumb Sucking

Some children may develop bite malocclusions as a result of thumb sucking. This bad habit often causes the upper incisors to protrude outward while the upper jaw narrows. Kids who are still sucking their thumb when their permanent teeth have developed will likely require orthodontic treatment.


Excess spacing and gaps in the teeth are also common problems that can be addressed with orthodontic treatment. This condition also creates more spaces in your teeth that attract food particles, increasing your risk of gum disease and tooth decay.

Improved Smile/Confidence

While the health benefits of orthodontic treatment are well worth it, the appearance of your smile is still an important factor! Many people feel self-conscious and hide their smiles in photos and in everyday life. Orthodontic treatment helps you enjoy a smile that you can wear proudly throughout your life!

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Learn More About Why Orthodontic Treatment is Necessary

So, is orthodontic treatment necessary? While some conditions may require orthodontic treatment, it is optional in most cases, and anyone can benefit from an aligned bite! Whether you get braces or Invisalign, you deserve a happy and healthy smile that you can show off proudly.

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