Should I Get Clarity Aligners As an Older Adult?

an older adult gets fitted for invisalign retainers

Many adults who consider straightening their teeth dismiss the idea because they think it is too late or not worth it. Adults over the age of 21 who did not receive orthodontic care as a child or teen can, and in many cases, should seriously consider doing so at any age for the benefits to dental health and more. Clarity aligners for older adults is often the way to go because of the trays’ transparency. The colleague at the conference table or your cardiologist could be under the care of an orthodontist and you can’t even tell. Clifton and Mauney Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry offers our adult clients Clarity aligners in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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Clarity Aligners for Older Adults

Some older adults never had the opportunity to get braces when they were young or did have orthodontic care, but other factors led to a returning misalignment. Sometimes, it has to do with the arrival of wisdom teeth later on or not wearing a retainer for long enough. There are many reasons for people to straighten their teeth later in life.

The effects on tooth and gum health, not to mention self-confidence, make older adults excellent candidates for Clarity clear aligners. We have received reviews from older adults that emphasize that their mouths feel more comfortable, they smile more often, or they can chew foods with greater efficacy. There are numerous benefits of Clarity aligners for older adults.

Pros and Cons of Clarity Aligners for Older Adults

We think that the pros of Clarity aligners and older adults outweigh the negatives. Below are the basics of each so you can decide. Also, remember—you can call us anytime to ask questions or get clarification.

Pros of Clarity Aligners for Older Adults

It’s important that teeth are in proper functional relationship with one another in your mouth. Poorly aligned teeth and incorrect bites can affect mouth problems directly or have an additive effect on other causes of problematic dental health over the long term.

  • Clarity can correct teeth so that they wear more consistently. Uneven tooth-wearing can further affect bite and potentially the longevity of teeth.
  • By correcting crossbite, Clarity helps you retain biting force.
  • Deep bites that encroach on your gums can affect gum recession, and correcting this situation with Clarity mediates that problem.
  • Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain can be alleviated by better-aligned teeth and bite.
  • Correcting dental occlusions and other misalignment may lead to better periodontal health, in part because cleaning and flossing become easier.
  • Sometimes, orthodontic aligners like Clarity can have a positive impact on the airway.
  • A beautiful smile, thanks to Clarity, affects self-confidence, and older adults often say they started smiling readily and freely for the first time in their lives.

Clarity is often preferred by patients who are committed to tooth and bite alignment but don’t want the more noticeable metal or ceramic braces, and like the fact that the trays are removable for eating and tooth care and visits to the office are less frequent because they take multiple trays home at a time.

Cons of Clarity Aligners for Older Adults

  • Some more severe bite issues may not be correctable by Clarity aligners.
  • Clarity treatment requires the motivation to ensure 20-22 hours of wear per day.
  • Trays can become lost without a certain amount of vigilance.

 Some of Clarity’s drawbacks are more prevalent among our younger patients, who may be more likely to misplace their trays, eat with them in, or forget to put them back in after eating. For older adults, the benefits outweigh the negatives, and our track record with this group is evidence of that.

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