Spark Aligners Pros and Cons: Review and Comparison

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There are more options than in the past about achieving a better bite and straighter teeth. Metal braces are still worn by many people every year. Nowadays there are also ceramic braces, as well as transparent orthodontic trays made by Spark. You have to make a decision, but having a choice is a good thing so you can get what is best for you. Spark clear aligners in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, are available at Clifton and Mauney Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. We also provide traditional braces and complete dental services for children and adolescents.

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Braces and Spark Clear Aligner Pros and Cons

Below, you will find a clear list of the differences between the two forms of orthodontic treatment—the Spark aligners vs. braces pros and cons—to help you formulate a plan that will be best for your family.

Spark Clear Aligner Pros and Cons

Spark clear aligner pros include:

  • Looks – They are not very noticeable when you are interacting with people because of their transparency and the lack of metal bands.
  • Comfort – Moving teeth will cause some discomfort with either braces or clear trays, but there are fewer issues with mouth and gum pain with Spark.
  • Eating – You get to take them out when you eat and drink, meaning you can eat things not on the list of approved foods for braces-wearers, like sticky or hard, crunchy foods.
  • Brushing and flossing – Brushing teeth is easier with Spark because you do that when the trays are out, after eating, and before popping them back in. Flossing can be almost impossible with braces, but is easy with your Spark trays removed.
  • Fewer visits – You go home from each visit with numerous trays, usually enough to last six to eight weeks before you need to go in for another check-up and more trays. This way, you are responsible for advancing your incremental adjustments simply by remembering to move to the next tray in the set, and you can visit your orthodontist less frequently.

Spark clear aligner cons include:

  • Inconvenience – It can be annoying to have to remove your trays to eat and remember to put them back in as soon as possible afterward. When you are out to eat, you may need to leave the table and go to the restroom to remove your trays. You will carry a case and toothbrush everywhere you go.
  • Compliance – A lot of the responsibility is on you, the patient, to keep track of your trays (they are expensive to replace if lost), remember to wear them at least 20 hours per day, and maintain oral hygiene. Patients who lack self-discipline may have less positive results, or their treatment may take longer.
  • Effectiveness – In some cases, braces are more effective. Your orthodontist will advise you if Spark cannot create a perfect result so you can make an informed choice. However, in many cases, both methods are equally effective.
  • Attachments – Most patients require small attachments on the teeth for the trays to grip onto in order to create a desired tooth movement. They are tooth-colored but some people find them noticeable, though probably not as noticeable as metal braces.

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Braces Pros and Cons

Some benefits of braces vs. Spark are:

  • Effective for all treatments – Braces are the most effective method for moving teeth and can be successful regardless of what dental or facial issues require correction.
  • Shorter duration – If the speed of treatment is a major factor in your decision, braces may be the best choice, as the treatment often goes a bit faster.
  • Greater force – The ability of braces to move teeth with greater force allows them to achieve more perfect results in some cases.
  • Choice – There is more than one choice nowadays when it comes to braces. In addition to metal braces, you can choose from lingual and ceramic braces.

Disadvantages of braces include:

  • Looks – Many prefer the transparency and seeming invisibility of Spark clear aligners.
  • Toothbrushing and flossing – These tasks are considerably more difficult with braces. There is a danger of staining and plaque if dental hygiene is not thorough and consistent.
  • Food and drink prohibitions – There are things you cannot eat or drink while wearing braces whereas there are no limits with Spark aligners as you take them out first.
  • More visits – You will need to see your orthodontist more frequently with braces.

Spark vs. braces pros and cons are clear and understandable. What is right for one person or family may not be for another. Consult with your orthodontist today to learn what is best for you.

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