Three Reasons to Choose A Pediatric Dentist

Your baby’s first tooth has appeared, so it’s time for his or her first visit for the dentist. You may wonder whether you should bring him or her to see a pediatric specialist or your regular family practitioner. Here are three reasons why a pediatric dentist is an ideal choice for your child’s dental care.

Specialized Pediatric Care

Pediatric dentists have been specifically trained to treat the unique oral health needs of infants and children. After completing four years of dental school, pediatric practitioners spend an additional two years of residency studying subjects like child psychology and growth and development. This means pediatric dentists have the expertise to care for a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth through various stages of childhood and adolescence. Our doctors have the training and experience to provide expert care for your child’s dentistry needs.

Focus on Preventative Care

Pediatric dentists’ chief focus is to prepare young people for a lifetime of good oral health. That means they spend time educating young patients and parents about preventive care to help children avoid complications such as dental disease, speech problems, and cosmetic issues. They help teach children healthy habits like brushing and flossing twice a day and counsel parents on nutrition or behaviors such as pacifiers or thumb-sucking.

A Welcoming Environment

Pediatric practitioners have experience dealing with frightened children and know how to help them feel at ease and comfortable at the dentist. Many pediatric dentists’ offices (including ours!) are decorated in bright colors and feature toys and games in the waiting area. Our open office design allows nervous young patients to observe older kids who are comfortable with dental exams, putting them at ease. Plus, pediatric dentists also use smaller equipment designed for a child’s mouth and can help ease kids into dental exams by introducing one piece of equipment at a time.

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